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Rodrigo: A Life in Music

"It is truly my pleasure and honor to state that Paul Sanchez is among the great artists who has most contributed to the promotion and learning of the life and music of Joaquín Rodrigo in the United States."

–– Cecilia Rodrigo

Daughter of the composer Joaquín Rodrigo

Marquesa de los Jardines de Aranjuez

President, Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation

In 2019, Cecilia Rodrigo asked Sánchez to create a concert event in honor of the 20th anniversary of the composer's passing; Rodrigo: A Life in Music, co-authored with ethnomusicologist Michael O'Brien, was the result. Combining narration, still photographs, video footage from the Fundación Victoria y Joaquín Rodrigo, and live musical performance, Rodrigo: A Life in Music tells the story of Rodrigo's life in an immediate and visceral way, connecting moments in his personal history with specific musical expressions and historical events. 

"..the production folds in musicians, singers and actors who contribute to a chronological exploration of the man and his music that is done in such a seamless fashion, one form easily elides into the next.... By the end of the evening I felt that I had well fathomed the elegance and singularity of both the musical mind and the man from Valencia...."

–– The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina

"a splendid performance... [by] a top pianist."


–– Cecilia Rodrigo

For booking, please contact Paul Sánchez here.

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