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Nominated for a GRAMMY® award in 2022, Dreams of a New Day – Songs by Black Composers features baritone Will Liverman and pianist Paul Sánchez performing music of Leslie Adams, Margaret Bonds, Henry Burleigh, Thomas Kerr, Shawn E. Okpebholo, Robert Owens, and Damien Sneed

“Performed with beauty, poise and conviction… a powerful tribute to a sea of talent too often neglected and sounds a call for social justice.”

— BBC Music Magazine


“The new album by the baritone Will Liverman… and pianist Paul Sánchez should be obligatory listening.”

— The Guardian


“Liverman and the pianist Paul Sánchez perform the diptych with clarity, sensitivity, and barely contained heartbreak.”

— The New Yorker


“...pianistic sensitivity and power.”



“Sánchez shines…”



1. I Dream a World 

2. Five Songs of Laurence Hope: I. Worth While

3. Five Songs of Laurence Hope: II. The Jungle Flower

4. Five Songs of Laurence Hope: III. Kashmiri Song

5. Five Songs of Laurence Hope: IV. Among the Fuchsias

6. Five Songs of Laurence Hope: V. Till I Wake

7. Amazing Grace

8. Three Dream Portraits: I. Minstrel Man

9. Three Dream Portraits: II. Dream Variation

10. Three Dream Portraits: III. I, Too

11. Riding to Town

12. Two Black Churches: I. Ballad of Birmingham

13. Two Black Churches: II. The Rain

14. Mortal Storm, Op. 29: I. A House in Taos

15. Mortal Storm, Op. 29: II. Little Song

16. Mortal Storm, Op. 29: III. Jaime

17. Mortal Storm, Op. 29: IV. Faithful One

18. Mortal Storm, Op. 29: V. Genius Child

19. Birmingham Sunday


Cedille Records, 2021.

Dreams of a New Day - cover
Dreams of a New Day - cover
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