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Read Paul Sánchez' program notes on Seria Ludo here.

“…what a beautiful performance that movement receives from Sánchez; grand, noble, reflective, yet shot through with internal light, something faithfully reflected by the superb recording from Divine Art.”

–– Fanfare Magazine


“….Throughout, it is evident that Sánchez enjoys complete resonance with Lynch’s output; there is the most blissful sense of comprehension, of melding even, in these performances.”

–– Fanfare Magazine


“The very end of White Book 3 hangs in the air. The hard touch required by the opening of Absolute Inwardness comes as a nice contrast but subsides to reveal a piece that again has one foot in the physical and another in the etheric; the composer links the atmosphere of the piece to a “world of intense feeling and subjectivity reminiscent of Novalis and Hölderlin.” What is magnificent about Sánchez' performance is his absolute lack of hurry; the music just unfolds.”

–– Fanfare Magazine


“….Sánchez’s control of his instrument at the very lowest dynamic level is highly commendable. A gripping performance of a work that is compositionally fascinating in its juxtaposition of worlds; and despite that thematic clarity, the overall envelope remains elusive. A quick word of praise is in order for Sánchez's finger evenness, a prerequisite for this piece and heard in delicious abundance.”

–– Fanfare Magazine


“….Sánchez’ performance is beguiling.”

–– Fanfare Magazine

As described by Divine Art Records:


English composer Graham Lynch (b. 1957) is a master of his craft, a composer whose writing is exceptionally detailed, with specific articulations and layerings; not designed for show, but for better expressing the subject matter of his works, many of which are highly impressionist. Much of his work also refers to the baroque French composers such as Couperin, a particular subject of Lynch’s study. The two suites from the White Book series are based on artwork by Sir Christopher Le Brun and other major artists. The music here ranges from a work derived and inspired by the baroque keyboard works of Couperin, through pictoral suites to the flamenco-tango Ay!


1. White Book 3: I. Seria Ludo (Paul Sánchez)

2. White Book 3: II. The Hesperides (Paul Sánchez)

3. White Book 3: III. Glow (Paul Sánchez)

4. White Book 3: IV. The Rhine (Paul Sánchez)

5. White Book 3: V. Landscapes with Angels (Paul Sánchez)

6. Absolute Inwardness (Paul Sánchez)

7. The Couperin Sketchbooks (Paul Sánchez)

8. White Book 2: I. Undiscovered Islands (Albert Kim)

9. White Book 2: II. Night Journey to Cordoba (Albert Kim)

10. White Book 2: III. Dragon (Albert Kim)

11. White Book 2: IV. Inner Moon (Albert Kim)

12. White Book 2: V. The Sadness of the King (Albert Kim)

13. White Book 2: VI. Toques (Albert Kim)

14. Ay! (Paul Sánchez)


Divine Art Records, 2021.

Seria Ludo - cover
Seria Ludo - cover
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