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“This is one of the most beautiful discs in my collection.... Haunting in the extreme."

– Fanfare Magazine


“This is hauntingly beautiful music... generously filled with melodic inspiration and evocative atmosphere.... works of originality and a distinctive musical personality.”

– Fanfare Magazine

Magus Insipiens features Paul Sánchez' song cycles Magus (2008), Horizon (2012), and ὁδοιπορία (the journey) (2009), performed by Kayleen Sánchez, soprano, and Paul Sánchez, piano. 


1. Magus: I. The Battle of the Trees

2. Magus: II. Song to the Wind

3. Magus: III. The Fold of the Bards

4. Magus: IV. The Prediction of Kadwaladr

5. Magus: V. Juvenile Ornaments of Taliesin

6. Magus: VI. The Hostile Confederacy

7. Horizon – For Harlan: I. Starlight

8. Horizon – For Harlan: II. A New Day

9. Horizon – For Harlan: III. Winter Evening Moonlight

10. Horizon – For Harlan: IV. Una Casa Nueva

11. Horizon – For Harlan: V. Spring

12. Horizon – For Harlan: VI. Risk

13. Horizon – For Harlan: VII. A Winter Farewell

14. Horizon – For Harlan: VIII. Change

15. Horizon – For Harlan: IX. Horizon

16. Horizon – For Harlan: X. Listen

17. ὁδοιπορία (the journey): α'. The Dance

18. ὁδοιπορία (the journey): β'. Nocturne

19. ὁδοιπορία (the journey): γ'. Evening Star

20: ὁδοιπορία (the journey): δ'. Aphrodite's Return

21. ὁδοιπορία (the journey): ε'. Eros

22. ὁδοιπορία (the journey): ζ'. For Atthis


Soundset Recordings, 2016.

Magus Insipiens Cover
Magus Insipiens Artwork 1
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Magus Insipiens Cover
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