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Commissioned by the Lebanon Valley College Music Department for the Inaugural Festival of Inclusive Excellence in Song. Premiered in 2022 at Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA.

Dedicated to Gonzalo M Sánchez. Premiered in 2019 by Kayleen Sánchez and Paul Sánchez, Leakey, TX.

Gothic Atonement: in five songs for baritone and piano

Dedicated to Edward Hart. Premiered in 2018 by Brandon Hendrickson and Paul Sánchez, Maybeck Studio, Berkeley, CA.

At the End of the Road: a song for soprano, baritone, double bass, and piano, on the poem of the same name by Madison Julius Cawein

Dedicated to Curtis and Kelly Follman. Premiered in 2019 by Saundra DeAthos-Meers, David Templeton, Thomas Bresnick, and Paul Sánchez, College of Charleston, South Carolina. Version for soprano, baritone, and piano premiered in 2019 by Tiffany Gammell, Bradley Robinson, and Paul Sánchez.

Heart of My Heart: A song setting of the poem by Madison Julius Cawein, for soprano, double bass, and piano.

Dedicated to Andrew and Rosanne Reinartz. Premiered in 2019 by Kayleen Sánchez, Andrew Reinartz, and Paul Sánchez. Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD.

Dedicated to Meredith Achey and Laudon Schuett. Translations by Dr. Luke Taylor. Commissioned by Dr. Jun Qian, Baylor University. Premiered in February, 2016 at Baylor University in Waco, TX, by Dr. Jun Qian, Kayleen Sánchez, and Dr. Paul Sánchez. ​

"beautiful and affecting."
American Record Guide
"Repetitive piano figurations ebb and flow across each movement, expressing each stage
of life eloquently. “Old Age” creates a particularly effective emotional shift with dark and openly voiced piano chords."
The Clarinet Journal (International Clarinet Association)

Dedicated to Adam Golka, in loving memory of José Feghali. Premiered in June 2015 by pianist Dr. Gregory DeTurck, Dakota Sky International Piano Festival, Sioux Falls, SD. 

Premiered in 2012 by Kayleen Sánchez and Paul Sánchez, Dakota Sky International Piano Festival, Sioux Falls, SD. 

Here [in Horizon], beauty is everywhere. Take the stunningly hypnotic piano part of “Una Casa Nueva” (the text is in English despite the title). Sánchez himself finds full beauty here, melding the beauty of transition (commonly called death) with the sweetest nostalgia for life just passed. The sweet recitations of “Risk” offer an invitation to fully engage in life with a light touch; the piano swirls of “Horizon” intoxicate, but in a very different, perhaps more mystical, way than the Impressionists. There is sheer stillness inherent in the solo voice final song, “Listen”—infinitely memorable. 
Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

Dedicated to Kayleen Sánchez. Premiered in 2010 by Kayleen Sánchez and Paul Sánchez, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY.


"Aphrodite's Return", "The Dance", "Eros", "For Atthis", "Nocturne", "Evening Star", from GREEK LYRIC POETRY: A NEW TRANSLATION, translated by Sherod Santos. Copyright © 2005 by Sherod Santos. Used by permission of W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

"Stepping out from the shadow of heroes and gods, the lyric poem began in song scaled to the measure of human experience. Paul Sánchez’s “ὁδοιπορία (the journey)” brilliantly captures Sappho's spectral, eerie, sensual voice, an incarnation of one of the most "carnate" sensibilities in Western literature. At the same time, the song cycle gives rise to an expressive grandeur that is uniquely inspired, uniquely its own, as if to prove once again that music is a process, not of being, but of becoming. This is a magnificent achievement, a work of great innovation and hypnotic effect, impossible to walk away from unmoved."
Sherod Santos

Dedicated to Graham Bean. Premiered in 2017 by Kayleen Sánchez and Paul Sánchez, Charleston, South Carolina. 

The gradual journey from resignation and regret to hope is experienced as an opening out of the human spirit... Haunting in the extreme, the 23-minute song cycle Magus will be with you for a long time afterwards. 
Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine
...the six songs of [Magus] are full of mystery...
David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine
Frost Music: Six settings of poems by Robert Frost, for voice and piano

Premiered in 2007 by Aaron Sperber and Paul Sánchez, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY.

Perfect Light, for piano, orchestra, bassoon, and tenor

Premiered in 2006 by Henry Charles Smith, Paul Sánchez, and the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, Sioux Falls, SD. 

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