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Creative Production

Paul Sánchez is an audio engineer and producer, with credits for thirteen albums published by labels including Albany Records, Divine Art Records, Innova Records, Navona Records, and Soundset Recordings. Sánchez also enjoys video production and photography. Some of his work is included on this page.

"...a brilliant recording..."

–– Fanfare Magazine

"...faithfully reflected by the superb recording from Divine Art."

–– Fanfare Magazine

"...and the sound quality excellent – rich, but without obscuring transparency, and clear but never dry."

–– Piano Professional Magazine

"The sound is ideal."

–– MusicWeb International

Contact Paul Sánchez here to discuss working with him on your next project.

Sánchez has produced and engineered three albums for BEDLAM Early Music (Athyr Records and Soundset Recordings), and has produced numerous music videos for them, including this video of John Dowland's "Flow my teares."

Sánchez produced and engineered lutenist Laudon Schuett's album Dedications: New Works for the Lute (Navona Records, 2022), and produced several of his music videos, including this video of "Caroline's Pavin."

Paul Sánchez produced pianist Johnandrew Slominski's album with soprano Kayleen Sánchez, Schubert: Schwanengesang (Soundset Recordings, 2017), and produced and engineered his solo album Camera Lucida (Soundest Recordings, 2020). 

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