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Thema mit Variationen: For Solo Piano
  • Thema mit Variationen: For Solo Piano


    Thema mit Variationen


    This humble work is dedicated to my friend, Adam Golka, in loving memory of José Feghali. Its title is taken from Schumann’s last work for piano, the Thema mit Variationen, composed in February of 1854. Schumann believed that its theme had been offered to him directly by angels. 


    José Feghali’s musicianship, capable of conveying the most profound spirituality, most poignant poetry, and most transcendent truth and beauty, was art of such quality: powerful, terrifying, angelic.


    This new work is unashamedly and clearly modeled on Schumann’s Thema mit Variationen, and some of its contours are made in the image of Schumann’s Kinderszenen, Op. 15, and Arabeske, Op. 18.


    Words cannot express what José Feghali meant to those who knew him, cannot explain his generosity of spirit or the depth of what he gave through the gifts of his teaching and his music; I know that these words ring true for many of those whose lives he touched, including my friend and colleague Adam Golka. 


    While words fail us, may this music, given in love, do greater honor to José and to the indelible imprint he could not help but impart to those so blessed to have known him and called him “friend.”




    Porque agora vemos como por espelho, em enigma;

    mas então veremos face a face.

    Note: Thema mit Variationen was premiered by my friend Gregory DeTurck. Gregory was not only a dear friend, but was also a consummate artist and a pianist of the highest order. Not long after the premiere, Gregory tragically passed away. His world-premiere performance of Thema mit Variationen is here, below. We miss him, terribly, as we miss José.





    8 minutes, 30 seconds





    Dedicated to Adam Golka, in loving memory of José Feghali.

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