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Horizon: For Voice and Piano
  • Horizon: For Voice and Piano


    Horizon: for Harlan, 10 Songs for Voice and Piano


    Horizon is a cycle of ten song settings of poems by Harlan Payne. 

    "Here [in Horizon], beauty is everywhere. Take the stunningly hypnotic piano part of “Una Casa Nueva” (the text is in English despite the title). Sánchez himself finds full beauty here, melding the beauty of transition (commonly called death) with the sweetest nostalgia for life just passed. The sweet recitations of “Risk” offer an invitation to fully engage in life with a light touch; the piano swirls of “Horizon” intoxicate, but in a very different, perhaps more mystical, way than the Impressionists. There is sheer stillness inherent in the solo voice final song, “Listen”—infinitely memorable."


    – Fanfare Magazine 


    Soprano and piano


    30 minutes


    I. Starlight

    II. A New Day

    III. Winter Evening Moonlight

    IV. Una Casa Nueva

    V. Spring

    VI. Risk

    VII. A Winter Farewell

    VIII. Change

    IX. Horizon

    X. Listen


    Magus Insipiens: 3 Song Cycles on Poems by Taliesin, Payne, and Sappho



    In loving memory of Harlan Payne.

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