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UPCOMING PERFORMANCE: Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center - February 15, 2023


Paul Sánchez and Will Liverman perform music from their Billboard #1 album "Dreams of a New Day" (Cedille Records, 2021).

2nd GRAMMY NOMINATION - November 15, 2022


Paul Sánchez, Will Liverman, and J'Nai Bridges were nominated for a GRAMMY Award for Best Classical Solo Vocal Album for their 

Lord, How Come Me Here? (Navona Records, 2022)!

CD RELEASE - February 8, 2022


Paul Sánchez, J'Nai Bridges, and Will Liverman perform Shawn Okpebholo's music in Lord, How Come Me Here? (Navona Records, 2022).

“Liverman and the pianist Paul Sánchez perform the diptych with clarity, sensitivity, and barely contained heartbreak.” - The New Yorker

“Dreams of a New Day… ensconces you in its sonic amber, and you’ll welcome the paralysis…. Sánchez… plays Okpebholo’s haunting harmonies with the brittleness and angularity of broken glass.” - The Chicago Reader

“pianistic sensitivity and power” - blogcritics.org

“Sánchez shines…. He amplifies the lush harmonies and swiftly guides the listener through a rapturous love story that extends beyond death.” - Blackgrooves.org

“...a beautiful performance... from Sánchez; grand, noble, reflective, yet shot through with internal light...” - Fanfare Magazine

"Sánchez enjoys complete resonance with Lynch’s output; there is the most blissful sense of comprehension, of melding even, in these performances." - Fanfare Magazine

Paul Sánchez is surely the ideal interpreter, mapping the contours of Gordon’s piece superbly and performing with clear virtuosity.... a brilliant recording and experienced via transcendental performances." 


- Fanfare Magazine

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This is one of the most beautiful discs in my collection.... Soprano Kayleen Sánchez has the perfect voice, pure and unshakably direct in delivery.... The gradual journey from resignation and regret to hope [in Magus] is experienced as an opening out of the human spirit; Kayleen Sánchez’s purity of voice and total control of her instrument is utterly remarkable. Haunting in the extreme, the 23-minute song cycle Magus will be with you for a long time afterwards.... 


- Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine



This is hauntingly beautiful music... generously filled with melodic inspiration and evocative atmosphere.... [These] are works of originality and a distinctive musical personality. 


- Henry Fogel, Fanfare Magazine

Thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.


- David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine.

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