Joaquín Rodrigo: A Life in Music

On October 29, 2019, one of the highlights of my musical career took place in the presentation of a program dedicated to the life and music of composer Joaquín Rodrigo, in honor of the 20th anniversary of his passing. Click the links below to read about it in the Charleston "Post and Courier."


"a splendid performance... [by] a top pianist."


    – Cecilia Rodrigo

       Daughter of the composer Joaquín Rodrigo

       Marquesa de los Jardines de Aranjuez

       President, Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation 



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This is one of the most beautiful discs in my collection.... Soprano Kayleen Sánchez has the perfect voice, pure and unshakably direct in delivery.... The gradual journey from resignation and regret to hope [in Magus] is experienced as an opening out of the human spirit; Kayleen Sánchez’s purity of voice and total control of her instrument is utterly remarkable. Haunting in the extreme, the 23-minute song cycle Magus will be with you for a long time afterwards.... 


- Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine



This is hauntingly beautiful music... generously filled with melodic inspiration and evocative atmosphere.... [These] are works of originality and a distinctive musical personality. 


- Henry Fogel, Fanfare Magazine

Thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.


- David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine.

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